It's understandable when hearing about these groundbreaking products for the first time that you'd have a lot of questions!  Here you'll find answers to the ones that I hear the most!  If you don't see the answer to your question here, use the Contact Us portal or call or text me at 702-588-4990 to ask me - I'm here to help!

I just ordered my products and I'm so excited - how long until I get them?

Thank you for your order - and thank you for the privilege of taking care of you as my customer!  Orders are filled from my large on-hand  inventory as soon as they are paid and sent right away because I don't want you to have to wait, either!  On the rare occasion that I don't have something in stock and have to order it first, I'll let you know and get it rushed to me so I can get it to you...and if that means shipping that item separately your priority shipping will always be on me!  You have the option of first-class or priority shipping so you control how fast you get your product, and you'll always get a tracking number.  And don't worry about stalking your mailperson...they'll get used to it!

So what's this 100% happiness guarantee about?

My customers often hear me talking about my '100% happiness guarantee.'  It's my desire that you are absolutely happy with your purchase!  If you don't like the color that you chose, that's okay!  Send it back and I'll exchange it free of charge.  Choose the wrong skincare set for your skin type?  No worries!  Return it and we'll make sure you get the right one.  My guarantee lasts to the end of your bottle or tube because I know you're going to love what you purchase.  Could you get that kind of customer service at a mall makeup counter?  Doubt it!  That's why my customers always come back - and refer me to their friends.  I promise to take excellent care of you, too!  That's  The Diva Bar 100% Happiness Guarantee!

A lot of products claim  they work - so how are SeneGence products any different?

Trust me - I don't blame you for feeling a little skeptical!  After all, we've all  bought products based on promises that we end up tossing in a drawer when they don't deliver.  I spent years looking for products that would work - and I am proud to say I have found them! So what's the difference?  The answer lies in research, technology and transparency.

You see, cosmetic companies often have their own labs where they can manipulate results.  Yes, I said manipulate.  For example, their commercials may tell you that 9 out of 10 women experienced results with their anti-wrinkle cream.  What they won't  tell you, is that they probably tested the cream on 10 eighteen-year-olds with perfect skin who don't even know what a wrinkle is.   Shady? Absolutely.

When cosmetic chemist Yoram Fishman first started developing products for SeneGence International, the results were so impressive  that he told Joni no one would believe them.  And so, in his infinite wisdom, he had the products sent out to an independent lab for testing.

Independent lab testing objectively tests products on women of varying ages, ethnicities and skin types, and measures the results of each - without compensation from, connection to or even knowing the companies that they come from.  So results from products that have been independently tested are far more reliable.

In our case, the results were astounding:  23.3% faster cellular renewal with our proprietary ingredient and active kinetic enzyme, SenePlex Complex.  But that's not all:

  • Skin smoothness increased by 45%.
  • Moisturization and hydration increased by 54.2%.
  • Collagen synthesis increased by 168%.
  • Skin firmness and elasticity increased by 51.9%.
  • Skin sagging decreased by 25%.
  • Skin luminosity increased by 48.7%.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles reduced by 55.7%.

What's more, 100% of the women involved in the clinical trial saw some degree of improvement in their skin.   100% percent!  That's amazing!  And, almost 33% more individuals with sensitive skin were able to use our skincare products without irritation.

These results are shared openly and transparently in our Beauty Book, before you even get to the products.  I have a full ingredients list that can tell you every ingredient in every product our company makes.  Could you imagine walking up to a mall makeup counter and asking them for their independent lab results, or their ingredients?  You might get a blank stare - or you might get laughed out of the store. Nowhere will you find another company with products like ours.  That's  why I have a 100% happiness guarantee.

As if that wasn't enough, there's more - all SeneGence products are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, with no GMOs and made from naturally-recurring ingredients (as opposed to depleting rain forests like many other cosmetic companies).  All our products are made in the USA in pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facilities.  We never, ever test on animals, use no animal by-products and only use FDA-approved ingredients that are formulated without drying waxes and harmful lead.

Additionally, the only ingredients you'll find in any of our products are the ingredients that take care of your skin and technology to keep them there.  In fact, our cosmetics are actually just pigmented skincare!  There are no fillers in any of our products, which means a little goes a long way, giving even more incredible value to already incredible products.  And, with research and application of important things like molecular weights, active ingredients and mechanical shields, you can be sure that each treatment goes to the right layer of skin to deliver its powerful ingredients and change the function of your skin, making long-lasting beauty possible.

That may be more than you ever wanted to know - and I admit that before I learned about SeneGence I couldn't have told you anything about cosmetic science.  But now I understand that the results I've seen with my skin and that of my customers isn't just magic - though you can believe that if you want!  It's science, research, technology, and Joni's dedication to having nothing but the best products in the market.  And it's the reason that I can walk past any makeup counter in the mall, any big-box cosmetics retailer anywhere without even wanting to stop.   Because I already know that what I put on every morning and evening is better than everything else out there.

That's  the SeneGence difference.

The first time I tried LipSense, I felt a slight tingle...what does that mean?

LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence - the original long-lasting liquid lip color that isn't a stain or like any conventional lipstick.  If you wear the same color every day, one tube will last you six months!  That's a lot of application - and that's a lot of trips between your wand, your lips and the tube.

So, to protect your investment, that tingle you might feel during your first application is pharmaceutical-grade alcohol that acts both as the delivery system for your color but also the means by which germs and bacteria are kept out of your tube.  The reason you might feel the tingle is if your lips are dry upon application - because it essentially it means you have exposed nerve endings.  But not to worry - one swipe of gloss will not only seal and lock your color, but also provide instant relief as the Vitamin E and shea butter go right to work to relieve the symptoms of your dry lips from the inside out!  In fact, the gloss is so good that you may never feel that tingle again after that first application!  But if you do, don't can also wear the gloss by itself overnight to speed up the healing process.

If your lips are especially dry, I'll also recommend our amazing Moisturizing Lip Balm that's specifically formulated for dry, cracked lips and encourage you to stop using any other wax-based 'balm' product.  Here's the reason why - all those products aren't in the business of fixing problems...they're in the business of having you buy more product.  So their waxy ingredients are only filling the cracks and masking the problem, thus giving the illusion of protection.  Feeling that LipSense tingle is proof those products don't actually work or help solve the problem.

In fact, some people who tell us they're 'addicted' and constantly applying those 'balm' products that don't work often report that when they start using LipSense and our glosses that they often see an exfoliation process.  This is your process by which your lips are sloughing off all of that waxy build-up and dead skin to make your lips the softest and most supple that they've ever been.  So if this happens to you, don't give up, and don't go back and forth with LipSense and your other products because you'll just put back in what your lips are trying to expel!  With continued use, that exfoliation process will complete, and your lips will look and feel amazing, and you'll continue to get longer and better wear from your LipSense the more you wear it.

So, keep using your gloss, girlfriend, and if you need to add the silky, soothing ingredients found in our Moisturizing Lip Balm, do that at night and during days you're not wearing LipSense. It will be the last lip balm you'll ever use - because once it goes to work you will see and feel the difference.  And, you'll need it so infrequently after your lips are soft and supple again that it will last for ages.

And of course, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask - I'm here to help!


Why do I need to apply three layers of LipSense? Any tips and tricks to give me even longer wear?

LipSense creates a molecular bond with your lips, and essentially the top and bottom layers of LipSense protect the middle layer, giving you long-lasting wear throughout the day.  Correct application is very important and ensures you can get the best wear from your lip color, so review the application tips and tricks below!

LipSense will last four to eighteen hours with proper application.  To start, make sure your lips are clean and dry before application (we recommend starting with witchhazel!) to ensure the LipSense is creating a bond with your lips and nothing else is getting between you and your color.

When you apply each sheer layer, press and glide the applicator from corner to corner in one fluid, sweeping motion.  Don't go back and forth or rub your lips together, and let each layer dry for five seconds before applying the next layer.  After letting the last layer dry, lock in and seal your color with LipSense gloss. Keep your gloss with you throughout the day and apply it generously as needed to keep your color gorgeous and your lips happy and moisturized!

Regardless of the look you want to achieve, I recommend first sealing your color with Glossy Gloss to get the best boost of Vitamin E and shea butter.  Work that into your lips, then dab off excess and apply Matte Gloss (or any other gloss) on after to get the look you want to achieve.

Shimmer and frost colors and the glitter gloss have mica, which over time can shear off LipSense color and slightly decrease the wear time.  To add more time, consider adding one layer of a matte color first and then the frost or shimmer color layers on top of that.  Then, follow the steps above with the gloss to get the look you want to achieve!

Don't forget to be creative - we love seeing your creativity with mixing different-colored layers to create your own custom looks that we affectionately refer to as 'lip cocktails.'  We love it when you share your favorites with us - and you can do so by posting them in our VIP group, The Diva Bar, or on our page at Kiss This by Charlene.

What is a 'mechanical shield?'

Ingredients like volcanic ash and blue-green algae extract in our moisturizers and foundation provide natural protection from the sun.  It is not SPF, but provides an SPF-15 equivalent factor per layer.

The reason the mechanical shield is better is because you can add layers of protection to build up the shield, which you can't do with sunscreen.  If you apply SPF 15 sunscreen over and over, it is still SPF 15.

However, with a mechanical shield, you can actually build layers of protection.  Think of the mechanical shield as a piece of paper or layer of clothing. If you apply our daytime moisturizer, you're adding one layer of mechanical shield (or one piece of paper or layer of clothing), giving you the equivalent of SPF 15 sun protection.  Add our color-corrected tinted moisturizer, and you're adding a second mechanical shield (or another piece of paper or second layer of clothing) that adds to the first, which means you now have the equivalent of SPF 30 sun protection. If you also add foundation on top of that, you add a final layer of protection - one more mechanical shield between you and the sun, giving you an SPF 45 equivalent sun protection.

Of course, if you do prefer SPF as part of an additional sun protection regimen for you and your family, try our fabulous sunscreen, which is SPF 30.

But don't worry - protecting yourself from the sun doesn't mean you can't have a sun-kissed glow!  Just start with our amazing self-tanning bronzing coconut milk - your secret is safe with me!

I do most of my skincare regimen in the morning - do I really have to do it all at night, too?

Of course, the choice is up to you - but there are some things you should know!  One, if you're not washing your face at night, you are aging it seven days!   Who wants that?  Not me!

Also, when we are asleep, our skin repairs and rests itself.  Your daytime moisturizer's primary objective after moisturizing is to protect you from the sun.  The evening moisturizer, though, aids in that restorative nighttime process.  This formula is much thicker, because it removes the natural sun protection ingredients that you don't need while you're sleeping and adds even more SenePlex complex.  This proprietary ingredient, found in all of our cream-based products, is our proprietary ingredient and active kinetic enzyme that speeds the cellular renewal process.

Taking care to remove your makeup at night means removing the pollutants and free radicals your skincare and makeup have protected you from during the day.  Doing all your treatments and nighttime moisturization after that at night means you deliver even more of those yummy ingredients to your skin to aid it in the important restorative process at night.

Our skincare systems and cosmetics are specially formulated to change the function and quality of your skin - and you'll see even more benefits when you use the nighttime products in addition to the ones you use every morning.  Be sure to lock in your regimen with the Collagen Night Pak to ensure you receive the full benefit of your nighttime skin care.

Choosing the right skincare regimen is important, so make sure you talk to me about the issues you'd like to address so that I can help you find which products will help you achieve your skincare and makeup goals!


Still have questions?

Send me a message by clicking the button on the right, or call/text me at 702-588-4990!  I'm here to help and would be happy to answer any of your questions!  Talk to you soon!